I want to thank everybody for checking out the site! Be sure to check back in the Black Greek Blog for entries, opinions on controversial topics, and updates to the site. Be sure to comment below on how you like the site so far. Stay tuned for updates to the site every week!
7/14/2012 11:59:17 am

I think the site is nice. I watched the videos on youtube. This has really helped me out as an inspiring greek.

7/19/2012 12:14:19 pm

I value your openness and how honest you are

7/29/2012 11:43:08 am

I have enjoyed the site so far. There are alot of questions I have about the applicantion & intake process since I want to pledge the Fall 2012 semester so its great to have somewhere to go to ask.

8/15/2012 01:39:29 pm

Absolutely love this site and all your videos. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

9/14/2012 04:10:49 pm

I Love That Fact That A Greek Member Is Taking The Time Out To Help The Aspiring Greeks Out Here, Some Greeks Are Not This Nice, So For You To Take The Time Out And Do This , I LOVE It!!!!!! Thankyou So Much :)

3/13/2013 08:54:09 am

You've done a great job on this site. The formatting of it, the layout, I like. I also like the fact that you make it easy for users to access the blogs and forums. My only criticism would be with the videos you have posted. For those of us who are familiar with your videos on youtube, we've seen them before so it's not new material your presenting, at least to me. But i know they're people who haven't seen your current videos and need to. I've already learned much about black greek life from you, and i plan to contribute my suggestions, and questions, comments, or concerns in the future. Thanks


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